Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Napier Holiday

We were invited to join our dear friends Kirstin and Grae and family on their annual holiday back to their homeland, Napier in the North Island. We spent nine fabulous days exploring and relaxing.
One of the great lures the area held was the thought of reeling in herds of huge edible fish. Rumours of massive Kingfish and huge Snapper queuing up to snaffle our bait and hook themselves were being spread before we left. Our first destination in the Hawkes Bay was Waipataki Beach. The ocean was calm and very fishy looking when we arrived. It wasn't long before our rods were out. Family pride was at steak the fishing trophy was ours for the moment. Sadly Grae emerged as the one who managed to snag the most fish. The largest caught was a Red Cod of about 30 cm in length. It was very delicous.
The Drawing above was done by Grae and Kirstin's daughter, Helena. I feel she was bribed with chocolates to come up with such a biased and cruel representation.

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