Saturday, March 26, 2016


Spaceships always make things better I feel. I grew up watching footage of rockets smashing through the ozone layer and circling the earth and then landing on the moon. The sheer bigness and raw power was enthralling. If my memory services me right, I saw a traveling show of Americian space artifacts at New Brighton Primary school. Included in there were space suits and a space capsule from either the Mercury or Gemini programme. We got to see the the blackened heat shield! The moon landings always left me with a feeling of great sadness, leaving all those gorgeous Hasselblad cameras up there made me weep. But I digress… most movies with spaceships in are worth watching and I'm sure there are many more films that would be greatly enhanced with a guest appearance from a spaceship.
The above playground is near the Rangitata river mouth in south Canterbury.

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