Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I started making this garden shed just over a year ago out of mostly recycled bits from round the house, friends houses etc. It's more a chill out shed for keeping out of the wind or having a coffee. 
One of the issues with recycled stuff is it takes forever to get it to a state that is acceptable both from a visual and practical point of view. The wood paneling in the top pic was scavenged from a sheet plastic importer. The wood is larch and smell devine. Because it was packing grade it need a lot of sanding. Hint; if using larch wear gloves. I was constantly lancing splinters from my hands and fingers
The door on the right hand side in the middle pic opens in two parts so the bottom part can stay shut and act as a bit of a counter to serve guests a beverage from.
The facade of the shed is some of the iron from when had our house roof replaced.

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