Friday, May 1, 2015


I like staying run down motes most of the time, there is a humble/sad/innocent/quaint charm that endears them to me. Sometimes they are just a bit too far gone and the charm has worn off, along with a fair bit of paint, varnish, wall paper, carpet, upholstery etc. This grime rich plug was the best thing in the kitchen. I pride my self in not being too repulsed by most squeamish sights. I could not bring myself or let any member of my family take a shower for fear of getting dirtier or even catching some undescribed skin infection. According to the owner of this unit it was the last one waiting for a make over. Hopefully the team who were going to 'do it up' were issued with biohazard suits. If we hadn't been desperate to find accommodation in Picton we may never has discovered this gem.

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