Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Every so often I get sick of colour pics. Now is one of those every so oftens.  I stumbled across a book at the library about  the great American photographer Edward Weston. When I was a youth I was introduced to his snaps by Murray Hedwig, our photography tutor at Christchurch Technical Institute.
Along with my dear dear friend Kevin Capon we were instantly smitten by his pics, the subject matter, the sharpness, tonality and all round exquisiteness. For many many years I was heavily influenced by Edward Weston. I was shooting a lot of large format B&W and printing on what I consider the best photographic paper ever created, Agfa Portriga 111(it was discontinued about a year after I discovered it) and doing the whole archival processing thing.
It's been interesting re-reading about Edward again after such a break from him. I can now see his pics from a different stage of life perspective.
I'm hankering to get back home after nine weeks trapped in a motel waiting for earthquake repairs to be completed and get into the darkroom and dabble.

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