Sunday, March 9, 2014


One of my favourite fruits, the nectarine is always a joy to consume in the late summer/early autumn. Apparently they are the same species as Peaches, the only real difference being, is the fuzzless skin. This smoothness leads to a greater enjoyment as you don't have the hassle of either peeling or eating a peach skin. They are thought to of originated in China around 2000 years ago. this is interesting because for many years we in New Zealand were blessed with an abundance of divine stone fruit grown in the perfect conditions of Central Otago. A large proportion of this fruit was canned so everyone could enjoy it in the dead of winter. Now days with all the big corporations striving to reap huge monetary rewards for their executives and shareholders it's all about quantity at the least cost. This has led to a lot of our canned fruit now comes from China.

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