Sunday, February 10, 2013

1980's Christchurch

Delving through my old negatives I rediscovered these two old pics taken around 1981-2ish
Back then I was a commercial photographer in Christchurch with my dear friend Kevin Capon. We had a studio at the top of the Stewart Dawson Building on the corner of Cashel and High streets. We called our business 'Skylight Photography'. The reason for the name was the studio we rented was originally built for a photographer called Claude Ring around about the turn of the previous century. In those days there were no fancy flash set ups, basically all you had was the light from the sun. To get the most of this exquisite light 98% of the roof was glass. The light was beautiful, sadly it was also very very hot in the middle of summer. Because we were on the top floor we had access to the roof. The top pic is looking down High Street towards the Port Hills. The other is looking north west to the Cathedral.
I think most of the buildings shown have now ended up in rubble piles around the city, thanks to the earthquake that occurred 2 years ago on Feb 22.

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