Saturday, June 16, 2012

Myocardial Infarction

Life took another unexpected detour last week. I spent some time staring at walls, lots of sleeping, having tests and being continually monitored. Heart attacks strike so quickly. I am so grateful to my dear dear wife Helen who had the presence of mind too call an Ambulance, being a bloke I would have just stuck it out and hoped it would go away. It's strange being wheeled about on a stretcher, only seeing what's above gives very few clues as to your location, it felt like one of those doctors and nurses medical, disease of the week TV dramas, I always poo poo and harass Helen for watching.
If I was going to nominate a profession that deserved much more recognition and remuneration, I would pick Nurses. The job they do with such grace, humanity and dignity leaves me in total awe. Thank you. Im at home now on very strict rest rules. Hopefully this may give me some to to think about future snaps.

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