Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Cyanotype is an old process that requires the sun and water to create a photographic image.
An emulsion is created with a mixture of Potassium Ferricyanide, Ferric-Ammonium Citrate and water.
This is then applied to a good water colour paper and left to dry in the dark
When it is dry the paper is ready to print with. Using either a Black & White negative or flattish objects such as leaves, feathers, lace etc It is then sandwiched under glass and put in the sunlight. Around 10mins exposure should be enough.
In a room that has no sun light entering it, remove the sensitised paper and place it in a tray of running water. After about 5-10mins it is fully developed and ready to hang up and dry, giving you a beautiful blue image.
The pic above shows a cyanotype in the process of exposure to sunlight.This was from an afternoon session of cyanotyping I had with friends recently on one of those rare Christchurch warm sunny days. It is being created in an old printing frame from the days before enlargers, or machine printers, when stuff was made of wood, metal and glass. If you wanted the whole process can be done with out the use of electricity.

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