Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quake Protection

This lovely cabbage tree is on Wakefield Ave in Sumner. There are two containers on top of each other, strecting for about a kilometer, keeping the rocks from the cliffs adjacent from doing more destruction. I'm finding more Cabbage Trees are being either exposed or framed by the new landscape.
I'm a sucker for Cabbage Trees, I'm drawn to their wild unkempt appearence, and slightly mad shape.They also have an amazing rejuvinating ability, they can be chopped or burnet to the ground, and within weeks are sprouting new leaves. Many tidy, fussy types hate them because they gift their leaves to the ground very genoursly. Many councils banned the leaves from being put in the organics recycling bin, because the mulchers they use are rotary, and jamb up very easily. I feel this tree represents a lot of the qualities I see in many great New Zealand citizens. If ever there was going to be a national tree, my vote goes to the humble Cabbage Tree.

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