Monday, September 19, 2011

Boy Stuff

These pics are from an open day at the Christchurch Airport maintenace centre a couple years back. The top one is a Globemaster C17, used by the American Antartic people for mass cargo deliveries. There are so many offensive and disgusting things about this plane. The obsence amount of money to manufacture it that could go to much better causes, its part of the global military industrial complex. I'm pretty sure it's using huge amounts of natural resourses to produce, run and maintain it. Just the name Globemaster is so assertive and macho. Despite all this it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention when the enourmous engines are throttled up full tilt. The whole plane is shuddering, the tarmac is shuddering, your spleen is shuddering. It's terrifyingly, repulsively awesome.
The other pic is the undercarrage of a passenger Boeing 777. The precision, design and materials used fasinates me. How everthing doesn't come flying to bits when the plane slams onto the runway at hundereds of kilometers per hour, leaves me breathless.

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